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Do Wiard modules have more headroom than the Malekko ?
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Author Do Wiard modules have more headroom than the Malekko ?
I know they have a bigger power supply, but does it effect tone or clarity?
The biggest difference as far as I am concerned is system harmony.

It is of course possible to build a euro system dedicated to a single manufacturer, but in my experience the tendency is to keep changing one's mind. The Wiard 300 is designed as a synergistic set of functions to form a fluid instrument and this leads to a gratifying user experience.

Larger power rails do make a difference to circuit behaviour, that is for certain. It's probably not night and day but it's worth having. Nuances in design and thoughtful PCB layout are also responsible for the sound. 300 series modules also use an electrically shielded enclosure.

There was a recent thread in which some long term users of both systems gave their views.

300 series is the system for me. There are some great modules being developed in eurorack but the popularity of the format also brings inertia in design.
Thanks for taking the time to answer my question and sharing that link.

Much appreciated!!
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