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Korg MS20 vs Moog Prodigy
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Author Korg MS20 vs Moog Prodigy
Hey guys, Im looking into purchasing a new synth in the (near) future and was looking for some opinions on which is better between a Korg MS-20,vintage not mini, and a Moog Prodigy.
I make death industrial/power electronic/industrial styled stuff so the new synth would obviously have to be good for that type of stuff. Im open to either option. The only thing leaning me towards the korg is that I have an MS-10 and I know some cool stuff can be achieved by patching those two together
Reese P. Dubin
I used to own both so...

Prodigy, incredibly sweet tone, made for actual playing and soloing.

MS20, the standard for all the music you are making, for 30+ years.
I would go for the ms20 for the versatility/compatibility.

Are you hooking up to any modular as well? The hz/v thing can be worked around for industrial/noise, and finding a cheap old paia fatman could give the korgs midi capabilities, if you are into that...
No contest. MS-20. Add an EH Mole pedal and it will be more than what you need for those types of sounds.

It has RingMod sounds, Noises, S & H, ext processing, modular growth potential. With all of the modulation sources, patch bay and VCO switched knobs - the MS-20 is a live noise making dream machine. Even the little Momentary switch is an awesome thing, to add shrill trills or Trigger A-Bomb sounds. Or just patch the VCA to stay open forever.

for what you want to do clearly the ms20. i've had the ms10+20 combo since they came out. cut off the keyboards, did some other mods and mounted 'm in the lid of a suitcase with a few lil' extra's (sq, lfo's, filter, borg queen):

i've owned and sold quite a few things since then, but this is staying. the sound is too unique cool
MS 20 got unique filters for percussion and so on.

Prodigy is just a poorsman Minimoog and a run on the mill (good) synth.

@felixer wow, interesting gear.

You need the MS 50!
i had the ms50. and the sq10. sold both ... a bit sorry about the sq10, but then again there are some more sophisticated sequencers around, nowadays. eventually i got the beatstep pro and i'm very happy with it. it's not perfect, mind you, but then again what is?
the ms50 i didn't found that interesting. not too many features/parts on that one ...
i also had the pedal with the built in lfo (can't remember the number/type). that was a nice one but i sold it to a collector as it didn't have any really special features. just handy/compact ... still have the volume/balance pedal as that is a good/sturdy pedal and there aren't that many balance/mix pedals around.

the ms10 and esp 20 still are convincing in the audio department: where it matters. obviously it is a taste thing: for those that like thick/juicy/'phat' it prob isnt that great ... but for the more experimentally minded the ms20 is still a wonderfull box cool
Ms20, semimodular options.
Another vote for MS-20 here. I have the new module version (with PWM, FM, filter choice, etc.) and it's extremely versatile. Also, given your music style, NIN used the MS-20 all over the Hesitation Marks album.
I used to own a Prodigy and I still have the MS10, MS20, MS50. The Prodigy did have that 'Moog' sound as was well built but limited on flexibility. The MS stuff is a joy, fantastic sounds and very open ended - wires everywhere, marvellous.
Dr. Sketch-n-Etch
There's a Moog Prodigy for sale in a local music store here. It seems like a very cheap synth to me. I would go with the MS-20, which is a much higher-quality product with a lot more going on. Plus, the MS-20 has such a sweet sound.
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