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LZX limited run of visionary logic module
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Author LZX limited run of visionary logic module
Just noticed on the LZX site that there is a limited run of the video logics module.

I have yet to receive my multimode filter but am very tempted to throw one of these in the cart. Fool me twice? I certainly would not want to wait over a year again.

Maybe TERRORVISION can chime in and tell us if these are already made and ready for the posted ship date, 8/4?

Anybody using (and loving) this module?
Don't have it yet but seems plenty useful
Some filters shipped last year but perhaps some were delayed by the move to Portland. If I was still waiting for mine, I'd be emailing Lars every time a new module is announced. I might be very unhappy about this new run of modules. OTOH there may be some very good reason for the delay. Perhaps Lars is just about to ship your module. I'd expect that to be the case, this long after the move. It looks like production is running smoothly again, so maybe a polite inquiry is all that's needed. I don't know.

While its unreasonable to compare circumstances, I'll just note that I've been waiting years for a module I ordered from another company. I made a polite inquiry earlier this year and received a very apologetic reply, an explanation and a promise that it will ship "soon". Other modules I've ordered from the same source were delayed for about a year, but were still delivered. So I'll be patient for now.

EDIT: I just remembered another module I've been waiting several years for, from yet another source. d'oh! That's how patient I am! Totally different circumstances again. Patience is justified in my cases. Yours? I don't know. Only you can say.

EDIT2: For the record, I've ordered the Video Logic and a TBC, so I do have some skin in this game. I just wish I'd made them seperate orders as it appears I could've saved a little on the shipping. d'oh! Nevermind.
Ive still got nothing but love for LZX. Complete faith that my filter will arrive and I have little issue with the waiting. I'm sure I'm near the bottom of the list if not dead last. Perhaps I've been a bit too silent tho, a polite inquiry is probably due.

I suppose the bottom line is that the logic module indeed seems plenty useful. Also, 50 sounds like a fairly small run.
The run is probably like the others, to use up the remaining panels and/or PCBs.

I'm actually hoping that when this module returns, it'll be in a new module combining it with the Flip Flops and Divisions modules. I've no reason for thinking it will be, of course. This would just be my personal preference. I'd rather have a single 18hp module with a single sync connection than three 6hp modules and two sync connections. Also, just 1 power cable instead of 3, nevermind 4 screws instead of 12. Soapbox

For the record, I have no special knowledge of, or say in, what form these modules will take in the future. Nor do I think I should. I just like playing Fantasy Video Modules. However, this seems to be the year where reality beats fantasy. Hey, look - a Video Logic run! Count me in, please.
Hey people
I'm looking at getting either the mapper or logic module to add into my rack — any suggestions as to which one to go for? I'm trying not to spend a l l available cash on lzx... I've played with the mapper before but not logic, so looking for advice.
mk wrote:
I'm trying not to spend a l l available cash on lzx...

Well, there's your problem twisted

I have neither so I can't help you choose but...

Big price difference between the two. You could potentially get the logic and another module, passage or cadet series, for almost the same price as the mapper.
it's a big problem i agree...
and in the spirit of running towards it (and shaking out the wallet), i'm going for the mapper.
wish me luck!
Good news: my Video Logic order just shipped.
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