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Partially Solved -Stillson Hammer 2 Tempo Issue
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Author Partially Solved -Stillson Hammer 2 Tempo Issue
Just got this yesterday and slowly getting to grips with it. It's absolutely brilliant, best investment for a long time.

One thing that I'm struggling with is setting the tempo through an external clock (Ableton Live via Expert Sleepers Silent Way).

For some reason I'm having to set the tempo twice as fast as normal in Live to get the SH2 running at the correct tempo.

In other words say I have a track that's at 130 bpm I have to set Live to 260 bpm otherwise the SH2 feels like it's running at half speed.

Any ideas? Is this normal or is there something I need to adjust in the SH2 to correct this?

I don't have to do this with other sequencers I have (Rene, BSP, SQ1).

Thanks in advance.
OK I've worked out what the problem was. In case someone else has the same issue here's what I did:

In the Silent Way Sync plugin I had to adjust the Multiplier setting down. Having a setting of either 12 or 6 seemed to do the trick (it was set at 24).
Interestingly though the tempo displayed in the SH2 is still half of the actual tempo in my DAW and so I guess the Silent Way adjustment is only really compensating for this rather than actually solving the underlying problem.
I have the same problem hmmm.....
No matter if I sync from beatstep or a pulse from an output (audio interface) to Stillson Hammer mk2 it´s only a 1/3 of the DAW´s tempo.
Make Noise Rene is working fine with this setup.
My bad....just change the clip to 1/16 step Drums!
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