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AS RS-510E EMS Trapazoid Generator
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Author AS RS-510E EMS Trapazoid Generator
I just tried one out at Big City. Damnmit, I was just going there for a multiple! But it was so cool I got it, env generator/VCA in one. polarized envelope outputs. The VCA sold me...

Samples to be posted whenever I get around to it.

Anyone else have one? Any cool tricks?
Had it when I got my first Asys system. It was cool but fell into disuse when I started using RS-60's as repeating envelopes, the Doepfer a-143-1 and better VCA's like the Model 13. Seems like a good all in one module but boy, I hate it on the actual Synthi.
I looked at the RS-60 too, pretty cool, I liked the polarized attens a LOT on these modules. One of the best things about the PlanB stuff too.

I needed an envelope, Model 10's stll a little wait (Peter told me they're going back into production soon, so they should be out soon. I'd love 3 more, but will probably just get one more due to space.

So far I like the trapazoid generator, it's a super quick way to get an oscillator through a vca/env generator as well as getting the ability to pan the audio in either direction, with attenuation in the panning.

The rs510e and the mx-4s are working together amazingly well. SlayerBadger!
Lucky to live in LA and have these places within reach. Or is that unlucky? smile
It seems to be kinda cool for changing up rhythms w/o loosing timing and works great with the stereo. However, I did have the VCA section go out on me. :( I'm going in to Big City soon to get it fixed or a new one. I like it a lot tho. Ever start getting ideas with one module after getting a different module? This module's making me start rethink how to use the Model 10. Hopefully PlanB gets more M10s out soon. One is definitely not enough.
dougcl wrote:
Lucky to live in LA and have these places within reach. Or is that unlucky? smile

A little unlucky, I went to exchange the trapazoid generator, it acted weird, seemed like a doepfer case vs. analogue systems case thing maybe, or a faulty module. I can drive there to exchange it, great! I can also drive there play around with some stuff, then leave with two things instead of one. lol
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