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need help to start a simple video modular system
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Author need help to start a simple video modular system
I would like to smart a simple video modular rack. The only thing I really need now is a system to mix 2 cameras with negative effect and also feedback possibilities, with CV control of mix & negative pot. I only play in Black&White. So, do I need sync generator for each camera? What are the options to play with negative effect? I guess the Video Blending Matrix would be a good option if available.
An other question, can I link the output of my video camera directly in brownshoesonly modules or do I need Input or Sync modules between.
Thanks for your advices...
The core module, the Visual Cortex (VC for short), has a switch labelled 'Negative' that will do that. I use it a lot, esp in feedback patches. You can chain multiple Pathways modules to get a matrix mixer. You won't get the Max and Abs outputs, but you'll definitely get the Sum outputs. The Brown Shoes Only (BSO for short) mixer will also work but it won't do inversion. The BSO Triple VCA module will give you CV gain control. The Compositor in the VC can also do mixing with CV control, if you don't mind all 3 colour planes being controlled together. You could use that for keying between the 2 cameras. The composite outputs from the VC can be used as sync signals for the cameras.

BTW, you can also do mixing and a negative effect in some stand-alone video mixers (e.g. the Roland/Edirol V-4 mixer) but you won't get CV control with that. Possibly MIDI control (the V-4 has that). This will be much cheaper than a video synth but probably not what you want.
Nerdware, Thanks a lot for your reply.
I ordered a v4 one week ago and a doepfer a192-2 to start in this way.
but for a smaller set up I later will focus on modular options.
The visual cortex seems to be great for what I want to do.
I finished to build a DIY sergesque 6U rack so the DIY options of cadet series could also be interesting... (also from a financial point of view)
But before I have to read more explanations about how does work the video synthesis.
and make quite a lot of money.
I can also recommend searching and reading old threads in this subforum. I learned a lot that way, when I started. Some of the info is dated but much of it is incredibly valuable.
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