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Troubles with Hexinverter MIDI2CV
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Author Troubles with Hexinverter MIDI2CV
I purchased a pre-built assembled MIDI2CV module. I have had nothing but trouble with it since I have been using it. It freezes and hangs up constantly, especially if I hit my keys too fast. When I send it a sequence from my daw it doesn't even register a signal anymore. It seems like it can be a useful module if I can get it to work properly. I'm not sure what firmware I'm using.

I have been researching how to update the firmware but I'm still confused as to what I need exactly by looking at the firmware update page. Can anybody give me a noob guide on what tools I need exactly and how to go about updating the firmware? Or is there anybody out there that would be willing to update and configure this for me for a small Paypal fee?
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