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6HP SRDC Flip Flop Sequential Switch by ETIT
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Author 6HP SRDC Flip Flop Sequential Switch by ETIT
My name is Rob from ETIT. I have a new eurorack module available soon that I would like to share with you for some feedback. not sure about target price maybe you can help.

the module is two independent flip flops controlled in different ways. each flip flop output Q controls the sequential switch directly below. the 4 jacks are a 2 IN 2 OUT bipolar sequential switch. you can patch bipolar signals or gates in either direction. it is possible to make a clock divider on the bottom half by patching NOT Q to D input. C is a clock input that will sample and hold binary data from the D input to the Q output. these will have silver brushed aluminum panels with black silkscreened text. I may change the font.

ready for your comments questions and suggestions
Sounds interesting but I think I need a more in depth explanation than what you've given to make sense of it.

maybe this picture will help where my description was difficult. the bottom half is similar to the top half of the module with the only difference being that there is a DATA and CLOCK input instead of a SET and RESET input. if you have ever used a sample and hold you can think of the bottom half as a binary sample and hold. the input gets converted to binary and the binary data is stored at the outputs Q and the inverted gate NOT Q. D side will only flip the switch when it is clocked AND there is a difference between the binary bit at D and NOT Q.

intelijel user manual explains the D type flip flop as well as the set and reset.
Paranormal Patroler
Interesting to say the least. Congratulations! Some usage examples mayhaps?

the first patch uses a clock divider /4 to chain the first two sequencers using 4 notes on each sequencer before going to the other one. then on the /8 = ((/4)/2) you get a chain of 8 notes and 8 notes from the third sequencer. patching NOT Q back to D input makes the bottom half into a toggle or clock divider. sending the output Q to the clock input of the adjacent module will cascade the clock divider.

the second patch shows a usage of a 2 IN 2 OUT switch in RED patch cables where all 4 jacks are patched. in this way we can mix up the fast and slow clock to get glitchy sounds from the sequencers-->VCO. but don't stop there, we have dedicated buttons each for SET and RESET so that we can chose to immediately select one of the first two sequencers without waiting for a clock. in this patch however, it won't always work though because it also needs to pass through the the green cable through another switch and to the VCO. this is just extra optional stuff on the green cable to show some more ways to use the module. the green cable is an example of a toggle clocked from a button that selects the third sequencer or the output of the left top switch. the VCO output waveform is selected by a combination of logic on SET, RESET and the last clock divider bottom right.
Paranormal Patroler
Shopify place seems closed. Did these ever see the light of day?
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