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Last MOTM kit
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Author Last MOTM kit
I just finished my last ever full MOTM kit, a MOTM 440. Sigh, he really spoils you. Not only are there excellent directions with hints on finding component holes and resistor code cheats, but pre-trimmed and tinned hookup wire! You even get solder, cable ties and the screws to put it in your cabinet. You can still buy the boards, panels and some parts from Synthtech. But these full kits were pure luxury.

In contrast, I also built a 390 LFO as a semi-DIY. I was scrounging through my dead cable bag to find coax wire to sacrifice for hooking it up.

Oh well, if it means more modules in the future then bring it on.

Off to play with my new 440 some more. Guinness ftw!
the motm kits were the best kits ive ever worked with.
you will love your 440.
i'm still waiting for my 3 kits from MOTM.
bought them in May from that brief sale he had.
i guess they'll finally get here in the next 2 weeks???
i think they'll be worth the wait though!!!
Yeah, this was from the last big sale. It seems like a great filter.
the 440 looks really useful & dynamic, i guess??

i ordered the 485, 800 & 300, assuming they'd all be great too???
I wish I hadn't missed that boat. :(
The 440 seems to be everyone's favorite filter. It really sounds nice and juicy. Plus there are extra features like voltage-controlled resonance, a switchable bass boost in the resonance loop and a built-in three-channel mixer. Last night I dialed in a bass sound that reminded me of the DX-7 "fretless bass" that everyone used on ballads in the '80s. Only much deeper and juicier (especially with both oscillators using different LFPs for PWM.)

You'll have fun with those kits. I'd save the 300 for last if you haven't done a lot of DIY -- it's his most difficult project. I actually had problems with one of mine, and I've built around 20 of his modules and several other projects. (I had soldered a transistor in the wrong hole, and in the process of unsoldering and resoldering it I killed it.)

I wish I hadn't missed that boat.

You can still order the boards, panels, and many of the parts from SynthTech. He offers "special parts kits" containing the hard-to-find stuff, everything else is available from Mouser and Digikey (in the USA, other suppliers in Europe or Asia). You just order the rest of the parts from Mouser or some other parts company. I have some BOM lists in Excel format on my website.

I've built a bunch of modules this way: two 300s, a 390, 490, 2x 800s, 190.

Some useful links:
MOTM standard part numbers
MOTM modules shown in different stages of construction (useful for knowing how long to make your hookup wire)
Part lists for MOTM modules. You still need to find and purchase the parts on Mouser, Digikey, etc.
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