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Wiard rack options?
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Author Wiard rack options?
I've decided to get 3 Wiard modules. This will leave me with 1/2 of the rack available and I'd like to fill it with euro modules.

Does anyone build a rack like this?
Graham Hinton did this for me. I do not recommend it because you will change your mind and either find it hard to sell the custom frame, or sell at a loss trying to shift it.

The 300 series, whilst fully compatible with eurorack modules, is designed such that modules work co-operatively.

How about starting with 3 6U modules without a frame, seeing how they work and then adding the frame later?
Probably a wise thing to do.

Thanks !
Cary has some 19" racks for sale.
jdkee wrote:
Cary has some 19" racks for sale.

Thanks, but I'm needing a custom rack that will allow for Wiard and euro modules.
If I were you I'd get the normal 6 space Wiard rack. Give it a year and I bet you'll want to add another module or two - and you'll have the space to do it. But if you don't then you'll can still sell the 6 space rack a lot easier than a custom one. And it'll be cheaper to buy in the first place as well. AND, Cary has very cool blue ones now.
If you want to pair with euro then just put a euro frame under your Wiard. Graham Hinton sells them for £50 IIRC.
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