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Newbie. Eurorack noise creator.
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Author Newbie. Eurorack noise creator.

I have an idea I need help with.

The plan is to use IR sensors: Reflective and I gates.
They will see objects moving. Like bubbles in the water or sand or something.
This will trigger some sounds. VCOs, noise generator or something like it.

Help me to choose a starter platform. What do I need to get this thing making anysound. I can work my way by experimentig from there.

I need just a basic parts for a start.
Some sort of input device that can handle sensor signals (i can DIY them if needed)

Any help is welcome! First units can be doepfer units. They should be easy to optain and instock in most places.


Some ideas.. you may or may not be aware of...
- KOMA Electronik KOMMANDER - dual, infrared X/Y motion controller
- Trogotronic m669 (Eurorack) or 669cv (tabletop) - noise module/synth with CV inputs
- Leap Motion controller (USB device) - 3D hand motion sensor.. for computers but may be usable in your case

Regarding a starter set of modules.. your list is good. Do you want something like an all-in-one semi-modular 0Coast (Eurorack patchable) or Mother 32 to start with a tabletop or do you want to take the plunge and buy unique modules? If the latter... a good start might be a Braids VCO (digital but lots of sounds if you don't mind menu diving), any 3 channel mixer module (like a Pitt Mod Mixer Mult) some envelopes to shape the voltages you get back from your sensors, a dual VCA (Pitt Mod has a good one too) and some LFOs... Synthesis Technology E355 Morphing Dual LFO is a particularly fun one.

Another thing to throw out at you... If you are looking for something even more all-in-one.. take a look at the Thingamagoop 3000. It may be too basic for your long term plans but it will give you an idea of what can be done in the light/voice world... and it is rechargeable, can be used with other CV gear, and it may be programmable in the future.

Have fun!
Thanks! A lot of thoughts!
I have ordered some units and will start wiring them today.
Lets see if I got this right smile

If you're into stranger modules, ADDAC has a muscle sensing module and one that changes parameters according to movements of a nintendo wii controller.

I don't think I know what are Reflective and I Gate signals... Can you provide me some info on this, pls? Feeling n00b here.
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