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Softsynth drone: A way to virtually tape a key down?
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Author Softsynth drone: A way to virtually tape a key down?
Hey guys.
I've been messing around with soft synths, and trying to coax noise and drones out of them. I'm wondering if there's a midi utility or something that can just send a latching note-on until I turn it off.

I know I can just draw a twenty minute long note in my DAW, but I prefer to run synths as standalone or in a barebones host on a separate old laptop, rather than on my main machine. Thoughts?
I'm not too up to date with computer things these days but I'd imagine there are some super simple midi plug in/generator type things that will simulate/generate a note on message. In the past I've just used a long note in a short loop in ableton or reaper.
Try this.

Open source virtual keyboard.

You'll need a midi port for it to talk to. On OS X the best option is to enable the IAC. Not sure what the Windows equivalent is.

Set up the Virtual keyboard midi output to the same port as the soft synth midi in port.

On the Virtual keyboard, on the Control drop down menu select

64-Pedal (sustain) and give it a value of 127

Play your note.

That will hold the note(s) until you change the value of CC 64 to zero
Awesome. Thanks for the tips. I think vmpk is exactly what I'm looking for.

put the note in a loop on a software sequencer.

use macro recording / mouse/keyboard recording software to hold down the key.

make a note with infinite sustain/release.
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