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Author WFC
So I recently purchase a Rev E WFC. I notice that for waveforms 1-8 it is outputting a saw being broken down into a sine or other simple waveform. THe 9-16 waveforms have more adventurous ranges. Is this an early model WFC that breaks the base saw down in each waveform without trying to be more complex? I can post oscilloscope pics from each waveform 1-16 to see if it is a unique or basic EEprom. I have other EEPROMS like the PPG that I haven't installed yet but I could. What should i do?
Here's a pic of the ROM.
Hi Justin

This looks like an older build with the first ROM. The later ROM is a bit more refined IMO and it's worth asking Cary to send you a new one.

With that said, the paradigm of the module will not change, and it sounds as if you are expecting behaviour beyond this scope. The newer ROM has one bank that covers harmonic partials that are not octave relationships to the fundamental only, but I did not particularly care for the harmonic relationships in that and preferrred the octave only ones.

For me, the success of the WFC lies in it's tonality & character. The 8 bit resolution is sonically quite raw and interesting. Grant put a lot of resources into making things sound good, and the signal path is certainly not configured for purity, but rather by ear (this is harder to do than you think, as the logical mind often strives for mathematical perfection which is often at odds with pleasing sonics).

The analogue VCO driving the digital ROM is one aspect of the design that makes it relevant compared to more adventurous modern wavetable oscs. (Especially under FM).

Thanks for your insight. I think I was confused by the wave shapes I saw on the scope vs the wave shapes from the WFC manual posted on the Wiard website.

I agree the WFC does have a great tone. I also have the PPG-VS ROM as well which I may try out this evening.


Looking at the manual myself it does seem your results are at odds with what is to be expected from the first ROM, and you may well have the new.256 ROM? It isn't the same logo that I've seen myself on at least two modules with confirmed new.256 ROMs but the scope of Wiard history is certainly more curious and complex than my own knowledge covers.

Bank 12 was my favourite by a huge distance.
hi, I don't know if you have this but maybe this will help, it's the details of the new ROM.

From memory it's the same as the Miniwave factory ROM - the guide for that shows the waveforms. If you want to see that, let me know and I can post that also.
Yes please if you don't mind posting the Miniwave ROM waveforms. I have that ROM as well but have not installed/listened to it yet.
ok, this is the list from the Blacet miniwave - just looked at it again and although some line up with the WFC some don't.
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