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buffered multi?
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Author buffered multi?
recently i have been having some impedance issues with splitting my VC pitch to several different sources. It actually seems to be throwing off my pitch tracking to a significant extent.
i was thinking about slapping together a buffered multi similar to the plan b model 31 or those multi's from the mattson mini modular.
Just wondering if anybody has any schematics for this type of circuit or ideas how this is done. I cant imagine it being too horribly complicated
blacet has a nice splitter

you'd have to buy it or know someone who has it to check out the schematic though.
Since I'm such an MFOS fanboy we're not worthy
Gawdammit! stop making me like MFOS so much. angry
don't fight it
ah there we are..
thats exactly what i was looking for.

quick question for those of you familiar with MFOS kits
this project uses a TL084 Multi Purpose PCB which seems to be a PCB used on a few of their projects but i dont see it on their PCB's for sale section.
Does someone else make/sell this board? (i dont really feel like etching and drilling a PCB for such a simple circuit)
No one sells that exact board, but there are several options for similar general purpose boards for constructing simple repetitive circuits:
i am not quite sure if these splitters will solve your problem entirely. since the VCOs will still draw current from the distributor through an output impedance there will be some voltage drop. the MFOS has an output impedance of just only 100R (instead of common 1K) so this may not count?
i don't know. any experiences with these?

for now i solved this problem in a ...err... problematic way: i removed the 1K output protecting resistor of my MIDI2CV module. the output is now unprotected but i got rid of the current dependend voltage drop.
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