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Dipping a toe into the STG mixer
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Author Dipping a toe into the STG mixer
donkey for rent
Howdy! I recently recieved an STG Mixer from the always wonderful Tronman.
Now that I'm home from a couple weeks on the road, I'm about to fire it up and get to know the awesomeness which has surrounded every mention of this module that I've ever seen.

Now...the STG website DOES have a very nice description of the functionality of the module, if not a full spec sheet, to get me goin...but lemme ask:

Any cool things I should know or try from anyone here in the group? I'm surely not adverse to study and discovery, but I often see some great "hey, did ya know..." Stuff here so I figured I'd drop a hook in the water.

Thanks all!
And Eric - thanks for the detail on the webpage. Very helpful!
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