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Author Copperlan
Anyone with copperlan having problem recalling the setup ?
When i open it most of the time i see nothing.
Then i reinstall the app and it all show configured.
I'm used an al88c and the lastest firmware.
Not sure if it's a common thing ?
Paranormal Patroler
Create a snapshot and reupload it. I assume it will work but please verify. I never had such a problem, what's your OS ?
Paranormal Patroler
Oh! You could also restart the AL88c after your computer has booted. The way I see it it must be a computer thing. Let me know how other solutions work out for you, I am curious.
Hey thanks for the infos i didnt saw your answers not sure why..

I'm on windows 8.1 ...... MY ASS IS BLEEDING

The problem is different now. Most of the times when i open the software it's blank and i need to reinstall it. Like 85% of the time.
Then i reinstall it and recall the snapshot and it work. Either this or turning on and off the alc everytime is terrible zombie
i dont have these problems really
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