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Apogee + Motu 828 ???
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Author Apogee + Motu 828 ???
I have an Apogee DA16x, AD16x, 828mkII, and Volta hooked up with Live. Is it possible to use the 828 and the AD16x at the same time?

I'd like to monitor and use my outboard gear with the AD16x and the 828 just for CVs. As far as I can tell, it seem that I can only configure 1 output device. If there's a way around this please let me know.
if you're on a mac you can set up an aggregate device under audio/midi setup. basically it allows you to 'merge' several devices into one.

not sure if there's a windows option for this or not.
Yes, that's the way.
YEZ! I knew there had to be a way. Too bad I got completely frustrated and left the studio for the night. Until we meet again Mr Volta. Until we meet again...
update: I was able to get everything working.

Clock is going from the Apogee's to the MOTU. In the MOTU Audio Setup you set the Clock Source to Work Clock In.

I set up an Aggregate Device in the Audio/Midi set up with the Apogee Symphony and the 828 MKII. In Live I have the inputs set only to the Apogee and the outputs are to the Aggregate Device. My buffer size is 256 samples for now. We'll see if she chokes on it.

Make sure you're assigning the right outputs when you're routing your signals. You don't want to blow those pricey Apogee outputs!
Hi Sascha er, or is it Victoria..?

Was so pleased to find some info regarding Volta, Apogee 16x and Motu in aggregate mode as there is precious little on the subject - and the gurus at Motu and Apogee certainly don't go out of their way to accommodate.

I am running the Motu Ultra lite Mk3 and the Symphony System through Logic but am tearing my hair out.
Was wondering if you would be kind enough to upload some screenshots of the Midi Devices screen or anything else you may think is relevant to this.

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