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klangbau VCO XR
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Author klangbau VCO XR
anyone has experience with the Klangbau vco xr osc?


it states that its build upon the xr2206. is this the same as the cg fsk osc is build on?
if so, the cg had a very low output. the same on this one?

also, can it do soft sync, too?
Ok, no soft Sync and output is loud..
This is what I know now:)

Anyone has one?
I would love to hear some examples!

Does it sounds exactly as the thomas Henry XR vco examples you find on YouTube?
i used it in conjunction with an STO in the early days of my setup, sold both btw.
it is very loud indeed but really nice sounding. the sine is not sterile clean but sounded great in any FM context, the pulse with pwm is great too.
the waveshaper was pretty similar to the STOs but i actually liked the klangbau better!
the only things i did not like was the size, especially it's depth - too deep for a tiptop happy ending kit and not skiff friendly!
yes, the size is not my facourite, too.. was that the only reason you sold it? size and depth?
actually, it was more of a systematic decision, the STO and the XR VCO were just too similar and since my system was small, one VCO had to go before a new one could join the gang!

honestly, it is a great addition to any osc and if you have the space and feel the need, go for it! especially concerning the great price...
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