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quick q. regarding time base correction
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Author quick q. regarding time base correction


hello video world. i dont know much about you yet, but im understanding that many video bending devices need a "time base corrector." is ~50 dollars a fair price to pay for one? and will this produce a signal stable enough to run into a projector or is there additional equipment needed? signal would be coming from a basic cable.

thanks a million~


I use a For.a FA370 for archiving worn or damaged rare VHS tapes and it works very well. Was $45 on eBay a couple years ago. Most professional analog broadcast equipment seems to have next to no value these days (MSRP for the FA370 was over $5k) so unless something has changed very recently you should be able to get a good TBC in that range I think.

What model are you looking at? I don't do much with video myself but I'm sure plenty of people on here will be able to give you feedback.


Most 'bent' video devices disturb the Composite video sync signals. You are correct, using a TBC (usually) restores these and allows you to display these signals on most modern display devices.

$50 for a used broadcast TBC is a good price, most of these are rack mount and quite bulky. I have used DPS 220s and For.A's with good success...

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