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Overdrive 2 (audio sample added)
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Author Overdrive 2 (audio sample added)
Paradigm X

Can i replace the 3 off 50k lin pots in the overdrive 2 with 100k (or 22k) lin pots? I have none to hand and probably 50 of the 100k. From my basic understanding of the schematic i cant see why not but thought id ask.

Got very frustrated trying to diagnose the adsr so decided to finish up the overdrive for a break. very frustrating

Many thanks
Paradigm X wrote:
Can i replace the 3 off 50k lin pots in the overdrive 2 with 100k (or 22k) lin pots?

100K should work without a problem. But make R1 6K8 to keep the min gain the same.

Paradigm X

many thanks. sorry, i was hoping to be able to say all finished, working great, but not had chance to wire up the switches and pots...

Paradigm X
well i found 1 50k pot so used for 'fold' so didnt change r1 but it all worked first time, sounds fantastic really nice. will post some photos and audio when i get a chance.

was just using svco>cota>overdrive and it sounded really nice but really controllable too, some distortions are all or nothing but this balances beautifully.

thanks very much !
Paradigm X
quick audio recording following on from the tb303 thread. same patch but with the overdrive 2 straight after the cota filter, think i added the saw wave as well from the svco into phaser into mixer pre cota, fwiw.


first recording trying all pots going as far as you can. im really liking this, some awesome sounds in there. crunch. its nice that you can very easily tune it down quickly with the wet dry. but some real attitude liking it.

interestingly maybe but the distorted tryalike 303 sound more like a real distorted 303 than the clean versions compared, possibly because all the dynamics are squashed so accent is less prominent.


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