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Ad Infitum
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Author Ad Infitum

Really cool looking panels, free shipping.

Not much more than the blacet multi.

This looks really cool, Dont want to waste rack space(well for some it doesnt matter) on multis like me?? here is what you(I) have been looking for:

Throw it in a 19" rack space above your frac rack!

Another something cool to look at for future possibilities.
Muff Wiggler
oh for sure 8) i actually have one of the UM410's! i got it last month and think it's great!

i think the 402 is over priced though, multis and attens are the easiest thing in the history of the world to make - even the blacet is overpriced...but there ya go, anything with a panel on it

the 410 is damn handy though, and a good deal, and fits perfectly under the top set of modules in my rack
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Modular Synth General Discussion  
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