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First performance with acoustic instruments
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Author First performance with acoustic instruments

Pic is my setup... First time using the modular in a performance setting with acoustic instruments! This group is performing Terry Riley's "In C" and this was a rehearsal.

Patched it live.... no notes. Went pretty well all things considered. I forgot my power strip and tuner. eek! But tuned it by ear fairly well throughout the night (occasionally tuned VCOB to C or G). The Future Retro 512 was super handy for playing patterns and arps.

Mostly I just droned out..... along with brass, woodwinds, piano, bass, percussionist, etc.
Nice rig, soundslikejoe. When you played the patterns and arps with the Future Retro were you following one of the acoustic instruments' sheet music (for general chord progressions, etc) or doing it by feel? You said that you droned out.. so, heavy with the reverb/Blackhole? How did that sit with acoustic instruments? Did you try to match the note lengths of the parts of the woodwinds or brass, for example? Can you recommend any other external effects/pedals that would help make a modular system fit with brass, woodwinds, etc.? Thanks for the information and have a blast - it looks like hella-fun!
Hmm... I was following the sheet music... by feel. hihi

I read well enough to play all the written parts. Some of the time I was droning, and that was by feel.... usually on the root note that matched where we were at in the piece (either C or G at different octaves). Other times I was playing the melodies via keyboard mode on the 512. A few times I used the 512 in ARP mode and played the patterns that way. I think for next time I will program all the cells into the 512's sequencer and then trigger them instead of playing the keys. The reverb was mixed in different ways.... probably heavier on the drone sections.

I don't use any other pedals with modular... but I'd like to get the Strymon DIG. I think "fit with brass, winds" is more about how you patch it and listening/responding to how they are playing.
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