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Don Buchla interview - early Video Synthersiser
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Author Don Buchla interview - early Video Synthersiser
You would all know by now of the passing of synth legend Don Buchla (RIP),
What I hadn't known of before was his designs for a Video Synthesiser back in the late '60's.

Over in the Buchla SubForum notmiserlouagain has posted a link to an article in which Don also talks about his video work. The article can be found here (with thanks and credit to the original poster) :
Don Buchla Interview transcript

I thought I'd repost the article here for those interested in the video side of his work.

Quote form the article "I developed a very extensive Video Synthersiser that nobody knows about..."

I really wish that had seen the light of day.

Very cool.
He was ahead of his time.
we're not worthy we're not worthy we're not worthy
share appreciated! applause
Yeah I have been talking about this with a few people since reading the article a while back.

There is an outside chance some of the bits or documentation may see the light of day, I am patiently waiting.
woah woah woah
Great read, thanks.
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