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Coming in a week Norcal Noisefest 2016
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Author Coming in a week Norcal Noisefest 2016
20 years of sonic insanity, 50+ acts this year over 3 days

click HERE for details
Norcal Noisefest is always a great time.
Looks like a fun time, have a blast! SlayerBadger!
Anyone going to this? It's the first I've heard of it and it's only an hour away.
Happiness Forever
anyone here go to this?
would enjoy hearing some reviews, if so......?

I've been a few times over the years, playing usually, including the first one, tho only as an observer.

Sacremento.... a great place for noise. really.
Well here I am -

what a trip!!!!
Here's the setup I used

2 sound sources into a little battery powered mixer
a Kracklebox (Krakdos)
a Bit Ranger fed thru the metasonix TM2 filter and then to a Moog Freqbox (not shown I added that later)

from the mixer out to my WTPA2 8 bit sampler (transparent yellow) mono but 2 active samples
from the WTPA2 to my clone of a Metasonix TS21 wave shaper (mono in Stereo out) - the big yellow and purple box
Stereo out of TS21 to Alesis Bitrman (bit reduction, compressor, pitch shifter and filter)

There is a Moog CP251 for CV control of the TS21 and manipulation of teh CV out from the Bitranger sent CV to the TM2 filter resonance

Basically I dorked with the Kracklebox til it got interesting , captured a loop of that in the WTPA2, then repeated the process using the BitRanger

From there it was a matter of twisting knobs on the WTPA2 , TS21 and Bitrman - knot a bad range of audio madness considering its only two samples going in

The bad news is that during my performance , the BitRanger was nothing but 60HZ hum that didn't get discovered in the Soundcheck, you can hear that loud and clear early in my set, I almost stopped to start over but decided to make the best of it, it was a noisefest after all, Anyway I shut off the BitRanger audio and went from there.

The video was by me too, it's a 20 minute stream of animated GIFs that was glitched by the audio, usually I do it in real time with the pictures synced to the sound, but given the tight time frames of this show for setup and load out I chose to just run it as an MP4, a lot of people thought it was synced anyway given the jumpy nature of the sound and visuals.

I used a product called GlitchGIF by Utami for the video, it's a Max device that cost a whopping $8 , money well spent if you have the time to find good rotating GIFs ....

and FWIW that TS21 is tube based DIY project I built in an old piece of bench gear chassis, its magic is that there is a tube in there with 2 anodes (plates) and 1 cathode, it then has a CV control grid that deflects the electron stream (sound) back and forth between the plates and the wave sent in gets mangled in process, turning into a stereo out with very gnarly results....

I hope this wasn't too much detail

Happiness Forever
cool set.
thanks for sharing.
love visualizing the action it from your description.
I had a blast when I played norcal noise fest around 2009.
love that scene.
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