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Deal alert: 25% off Mapper (US)
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Author Deal alert: 25% off Mapper (US)
Note: I am not trying to sell my mapper, just tipping off others to save $100 on a new one!

Perfect Circuit Audio has a coupon code lzx25 that gets you 25% off a Mapper. I don't think it works with any other LZX stuff. I got it in an email, not sure how long it lasts. I just added on to a cart and it seemed to work. Maybe someone will benefit from this info!

It's peanut butter jelly time!
Thanks for the heads up!!!!! thumbs up
would it be fair to say that the mapper could be a replacement for some of the functionality of the dave jones MVIP?

because as much as I love the MVIP I don't have audio eurorack stuff (only ciat-lonbarde which needs attenuation to be in proper range) and it seems like it would best go in a system with audio and video modules

am I completely off base here?

anyone wanna buy an MVIP woah
awesome, thanks for this.
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