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bpmc basic cable, help to circuit
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Author bpmc basic cable, help to circuit
i just bought the basic cable.
for the first projecr i now want to feed it with some footage (mostly youtube videos) and then record it with premiere.
i have a macbook, no converter, video cards or grabber yet.

what would you recommend is the best way to feed the basic cable and then capture the material, what utilitys or hardware do you suggest?

appreciate every help
update: changed topic instead of creating new thread, old one had no reply, things changed.
I don't have one of these devices, but from what I can find, any NTSC composite source should work. E.g. a cheap NTSC CCTV camera, a Raspberry Pi configured to output NTSC composite, a VCR/DVR etc. Capture is easier but you have many options. The cheapest I've used has been an EasyCAP dongle. For glitchy video like this, cheap might work well enough. For high quality capture, I'd recommend a pro device, but try the cheapest options first, just to get started. I don't know what your budget looks like.
thanks for the reply nerdware.

if it helps i can use a second laptop (windows) to play the video, if its not comfortable to play and record it with the very same laptop. later for other purposes i gonna use my hi8 camera wich outputs pal av already. but for now i want to process some pre edited footage that.
would a standard hdmi->av (example) do the job in terms of D/A?

for capturing i guess at first some kind of a dongle has to do the job.

but what do i have to google to find some pro devices? :)
A cheap HDMI->Composite converter will probably work. I have one but I've only used it with a Raspberry Pi. I'm using Blackmagic Inc devices for capture. I started with an A->SDI Mini-converter and a Mini-recorder PCI card, but they have a SDI->Thunderbolt converter that might work for you. You could alternately use a USB capture device or a card with composite many options, from just one vendor! Pick whichever one you think suits your needs and budget best.
BTW, you should search this subforum for similar threads, as questions about video capture have been asked before. I expect the answers will still be relevant today.
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