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ADDAC 207 back?
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Author ADDAC 207 back?
Paranormal Patroler
LightsOfCérès wrote:

I have read lots of things about the ADDAC 207, but i have not been able to find what i want to do with.

I would like to transpose with a keyboard (QuNexus).

I have read the manual, tried to configure the assign input, but it doesn't transpose the way I expected.
It makes something, kind of changes "the color" of the sequence, but doesn't transpose like :

Sequence in C minor,
Play D on the keyboard,
it didn't play D minor.

If someone as been able to transpose with the assign input, please give me informations of how you did it ? Please

According to the manual, page 26, you can have the Assign input work as a transpose input. That way it allows a positive 1V/Octave CV to be connected for external scale transposition. Incoming CV is divided in 12 semitones for every 1V. The scale is immediately transposed offseting the Root note by the same amount of semitones. Plus you can see that in the scale LEDs.

Have you tried anything other than the QuNexus? I've heard some weird stuff about these KMI devices outputting CV, maybe that's the cause of your issues? hmmm.....
Thank you Paranormal Patroler,

First of all, i have to apologize for my approximate english (i am french...)

I made some measurements of the QuNexus and compare it with the Arturia Key Step.
QuNexus don't give a clean 1v for a C1 note but 1,02v ; 2,03v for a C2
Arturia KeyStep gives 0,99v for a C1 note and 2v for a C2

That said, no matter what keyboard I use to transpose, the quantizer does not transpose.
I have configured the assign input by pushing button 4 and 7 at the same time, turn on the light of button 1, turn off the light of button 1, it doesn't transpose. I would like to transpose the way it does by turning the key knob then press "set key".

Thank you for helping me, best regards
ADDAC System
There's a new firmware available with a new transpose mode! ng-new-transpose-method
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