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USB HID help?
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Author USB HID help?
Are there any examples for reading and writing an HID packet over USB? I have a couple of devices (Snyderphonic Manta and the VMeter) which I would like to interface to.
Not HID specifically, but the basic USB building blocks are there.

If you take a look at the 1.1.0 branch, you can see that I've moved all of the SAM USB drivers into the project... It includes some HID libraries, but I haven't been using them. bhost

But if you look at the usb devices we've created so far, you'll see the type of work you need to do to get some USB code running... bMidi.h bPS3.cpp id.cpp

HID is kinda a pain in the ass compared to things like the monome which uses a USB-TTY chip. I'm not sure why folks insist on using HID USB clients...

Let me know if that's what you're looking for...

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