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duplicating the sound of HDmk1 with HDmk2
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Author duplicating the sound of HDmk1 with HDmk2
I only have the HD mk2 , but everytime i listen to the HD mk1 demos i feel it´s a totally different beast .

Do you think that by applying a bit of malgorhythm to the HDmk2 , it is possible to get the sound of a HD mk1 ?
I might be in the minority (unsure why) but I think this is a great question.
(It's all about sound synthesis,no?)
I'd guess Malgorithm mk2 would get you close to there. The tender aliasing and raw artifacts are what seem to catch the ear and segregate the population into lovers and haters, with an empty middle.
i had both for a while. they're different. the way the routing/modulation is leads to different results in my case. at least that's how i remember it. the HDmK2 has a lot of range and can go places the MK1 cannot. but there's a fuzziness to the mk1 i can't live without.

so, perhaps you can get there with some subtle settings but it'll sound different once you start modulating things.

it's been a long time so i can't really remember specifics of the sound. the mk2 has that top end that is quite different than the mk1. i think the waveshaper in the mk2 has a setting for mimicking the mk1. but mk1 and mk2 operate at different sampling rates i think so that core level of parameters is really obvious when side by side..

so, maybe a sample rate reducer at the output isn't a bad idea.. but it's still not gonna be dead on.. you might as well find a cheap MK1 if it's really important to you. i see them come up pretty cheap from time to time..
Thanks both
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