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Discrete Ladder Filter Question [SOLVED]
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Author Discrete Ladder Filter Question [SOLVED]
I'm trying to figure out why my DLF is not functioning.

Part of the problem I'm having is due to a defective 100 Ohm trimpot in location PR2. Adjusting the trimmer caused no change in the pot. I have replaced this pot.

My question involves the U5 Voltage Regulator. The Builders Guide indicates on page 6 that a 7906 6 Volt Linear Regulator should be used.

I discovered that it is actually a 7806 which is the 6 volt regulator which is what I used in my build. After looking at the schematics it appears that (as far as I can tell) -6 volts is required.

Could I please get some clarification? Which regulator and what output is required;

7806 at 6 volts or 7906 at negative 6 volts
Flareless wrote:
Which regulator and what output is required...

You need a 7906. It is a -6V regulator.

Sorry for the confusion. I will alter the Builder's Guide to make this more clear.

Thanks Tony. I should have checked first when I found the discrepancy.

I'll get the correct part and that will likely fix things up.
Go figure... use the right parts and the module works! Mr. Green

Now that I have the DLF working I have to say that it's fast becoming my favourite filter. The sound it produces is just beautiful and I've only worked with it for a very short time after getting it all calibrated.

Because of the glitches I encountered it was a tough build. Desoldering, a process I'm sure everyone hates, caused a problem when a trace came off the board between PR2 and R19. Fortunately I was able to jumper the connection and clean up the trace without too much trouble.

Replacing U5 with the correct component, minus 6 volts rather than plus 6 volts, was a bit easier (thanks for correcting the documentation Tony)

I created a prototype silkscreen panel, however, I'm going to make a new one. First there is very slight blurring of the letters due so a minor exposure problem which I didn't notice until the panel was screened. The second issue is that CV2 should go from -10 to 10 rather than 0 to 10. Still, it looks pretty good for a prototype.

I have several filter and I have have to say that in the short time I've used the DLF I've really come to enjoy its features and sound.

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