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PLL options?
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Author PLL options?
Mood Organ
Are there any options for PLLs in Frac format? Are there DIY builds? Is it possible to patch one up using comparators and other modules?
You can patch one up with:

2 VCOs
1 XOR (or possibly other 4Q Multiplier)
1 Divider (optionally used for pitch intervals between the VCOs)
1 Slew/Integrator

You'll want to take the pulse output from both VCOs, use the XOR/Multiplier as the phase detection, then output the XORed output into the slew, then take the integrated voltage from there, and input it into the CV input for the second VCO.

You may need to adjust the slew a bit depending on frequency.

If you want to use the divider, place it after the second VCO and the XOR.
There's a more detailed description by WSY over here: back+loop
Mood Organ
Thanks so much for that link. Some crucial info that I didn't have. I was able to patch one up quite easily and it works surprisingly well.
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