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Hyper Expressive Buchla Music Easel Patch - (VIDEO)
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Author Hyper Expressive Buchla Music Easel Patch - (VIDEO)
I've been exploring new angles of patch attack - came up with this "Hyper Expressive" easel patch.

Pressure is patched into 218 arpeggiator rate and to LPG2/Mod VCO mix output. Pulse from 218 hits the EG, which is set for slow attack/decay - EG is patched into LPG1/CO VCO mix out. Pulser is set independent at a medium speed, and pulses the RVG. Manual FM modulation from MO to CO. CO is a square set to sine - and timbre is patched to a RVG.

All sounds, direct out of the Easel into a Malekko EKKO 616 analog delay, then Xotic Effects SP Compressor - then out to a Fender Princeton Reverb tube amp.

Picture of the patch:

I like the breaking up of this will have to give it a whorl.
thanks for sharing thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up
So cool! Really intriguing controlled chaos vibe to it.
you are killing it man.
sounds like three different players.
love the sounds right at 2:00 till
the end.

it's inspiring to watch how patient you are
with the sounds and the instrument.

I PM'ed u a few days ago asking about any
recordings you may have out there to
check out/purchase (maybe your inbox is
full - probably something I did).

anyway, beautiful (and the clock ticking? in the
background is a nice touch too)
I found myself in a creative loop these days. All of my patches were kind of heading in the same direction. This definitely brings in some new wind.

This is an awesome patch, throwing the pressure through the inverter to control the arpeggiator is awesome. I haven't been able to find all to many uses for controlling the arp. with CV, this here rocks!
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