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TM3030 Issue 3 Enclosure
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Author TM3030 Issue 3 Enclosure
I am now in possession of an Issue 3 TM3030 PCB (thank-you Tony), and I've started to look for a suitable enclosure. I could use a 1U rack enclosure (I've had one from Bryant already and they are very nice and would clearly do the job, but I was also thinking I might like something smaller like the SA Series enclosure Tony has shown in the builders guide.

Looking on the RS-Components web-site for that part 222-020 (which is as Tony says, discontinued) they offer an alternative enclosure with exactly the same external measurements, part 754-5957, and from the same supplier (the SAC series). That's brilliant I thought, an updated version of the original enclosure suggested by Tony with exactly the same measurements, I'll just check the board measurements.

The TM303 Issue 3 board is 201.5 mm wide, the enclosure spec says the external width of the box is 203mm and the steel case is 0.9mm thick. So my first question is, does anyone know if the board will fit in this box, it's obviously going to be very tight if it does but I don't know what tolerance there is on the enclosure spec. My second is, are there any other UK supplied recommendations?

Go get em while you can...

The one I used is the 1.5U D1-W1 case. Note; as stated in the Builder's Guide the smallest 1.5U D1-W1 cases aren't a perfect fit as you will have cut off part of the internal flange from the two side sections to get the PCB to fit. No problem if you are happy with using a saw.

Many thanks Tony for the web link, I have purchased and received the enclosure, a great value case. I see what you mean about having to cut off part off the joining flange to make room for board mounted components, shouldn't be a problem.

I assume the board itself fits in just below the flange edges which would mean the centre line for the pots on the front plate is slightly offset below the front plate centre line?
Unfortunately, I can't remember how the board fits onto the panel. It was over ten years ago since I made that one. My most recent TM3030 builds being made to fit 1U 19" rack cases. However, I think I did line up the pots with the middle line of the front panel. The pictures on the site seem to back up the memory of that too.

I'll have a look on my computer for any more photos when I get back to work on Monday. I seem to remember the upper horizontal flanges as being above the board and having to saw off the lower flange from each steel side piece to allow the board to fit.

thanks for the link Tony, just grabbed a couple for the 3030 & hmv ive just finished...

im building a stereo filtrex 2 any enclosure recommendations ?.

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