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Disting mk3 - multiple playlists?
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Author Disting mk3 - multiple playlists?
Wondering if there's any way to implement multiple playlists (specifically audio but extension to MIDI seems logical). I find myself wanting to use different sets of samples for different things pretty regularly (different drum kits, different chopped loops)

For example, turning the S knob could progress through multiple playlists, and each playlist could be its own txt file with a number indicating it's position in the list (like the old way samples were organized)
Interesting idea. Right now I would suggest
a) an SD card extender so you can easily swap the cards, or
b) more distings smile
More! Of course hihi

Are the cards hot swappable or do I need to exit and return to SD card mode to re-read the contents?
It's not hot-swappable. In fact often inserting a card with the power on causes a reboot.
I am assuming you advise against doing that then?
Yes. Recommended procedure is to swap the SD with the power off.
Hello there! Does anyone know if the disting is still limited to one playlist?

I've got the mk4 with the latest firmware (4.1) and I'm trying to use multiple playlists. According to the latest update I should be able to use 64 samples per playlist instead of 32.

I've got a 32gb sd card and I would like to put my entire sample bank on it. When I tried to make a new playlist the disting only sees my v1 playlist and samples with only 32 samples.

It would be a bummer if this is still the case. I'm loving the disting but still having quite a time wrapping my head around all the functions and rules.
Still limited to one playlist (per algorithm). It's on my list of things to look at.
+1 for this feature. Would love to organize samples in my Disting mk4!
+1 for this feature also. It would be fantastic to have multiple playlists and be able to use the full capacity of a 32gb card.
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