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Using Make Noise Maths as a clock divider
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Author Using Make Noise Maths as a clock divider
Hi, I'm trying to recreate this apparently simple patch from the manual (as well as from the illustrated manual) and it's just not working for me. Cycle is off, a steady clock (from a Wogglebug mk2) is going to trigger. No matter how I set rise/fall/curvature, I'm getting extra or skipped pulses on the EOR or EOC outs. Plus those outs are out of sync with the incoming trigger (delayed by whatever the rise is for EOR or the fall for EOC). Which is to say, I'm stumped. Seemed like this should "just work", and videos I've seen would tend to confirm that.

Any suggestions?
Sounds like it's working to me.

It's not a clock divider in the usual, binary counter/flip flop sense - you can set it for 'in between' values other than 2/ 4/ etc. and this is what makes it fun and powerful.

To explain, think about what you are doing: you are triggering an envelope. You set the delay time, which is equivalent to your division time, with the rise parameter. Tap the EORise for your divided/delayed pulse/clock. The decay time sets the pulse width.

Does that make sense?
My understanding of the patch is so:

- when Maths is in RISE, the envelope can't be retriggered.
- when Maths is in FALL, it can.

So in theory, if RISE is longer than the time between triggers, the envelope should retrigger every 2,3,4,etc. pulses (so it should in fact be at integer intervals). The problem I see is that the RISE and FALL influence the position of the resulting pulse (at EOR or EOC), so there's apparently no (obvious) means for using it as a classical divider.

I was trying to reproduce a Serge patch I saw on youtube re basic modular cleverness.

The patch in question works great with Rampage (and the RISING gate), FWIW.
I've tried this patch as well and remember it working Ok with CH.1

As long as you set the fall time just a bit above minimum (8 o'clock or so) you'll have a wide enough gate to consistently trigger the destination, but not so wide as to throw off the divisions.

It's extremely rudimentary though. hmmm.....
Yes, that's it sockmonkey.

It means you set it by ear, which is fine if you have a steady clock. If your clock's speed is being varied by voltage, you could send the same CV to alter the rise time.

As sackley writes, it's rudimentary but it allows for other musical results, precisely because you're not limited to hard /2 etc. divisions. Run a search for the Serge Subharmonic generator patch.

If all you want is a /2, you could use the EOC as a digital inverter: assuming a 50% pulse as the incoming clock, send this to the input of channel 2 and set rise and fall to their shortest times. Now when the clock is high, the EOC is low and vice versa.
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