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Do you cover your modular?
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Author Do you cover your modular?
Jeeze, I was fiddling around tweaking a patch the other day, when for the first time ever I got a load of crackling over the speakers as I touched some patch cords. I was recording at the time and I had to edit out the crackles.
This has only started to happen lately, I noticed the modules had quite a layer of dust on them, I have an LC9 and an LC Base, it's only a problem on the base, vertical surfaces don't have it. I've been a bit neglectful lately, I must keep it covered, it's only obvious I suppose that dust will find it's way into sockets like this, especially horizontal ones, keep it covered when not in use is my advice.
nah I just remove the modules and blow out the connectors sometimes. I have a feather duster in the music room for everything else
only with my dead skin cells.
ignatius wrote:
only with my dead skin cells.

Ever get the feeling andrewF is figuring out a way to cover them in alive skin cells?
Only with kisses.

No, actually I usually have a cloth over them
I bought a load of decent cotton sheeting that I cut when needed as dust covers. Doesn't keep all dust away, but it does make a difference.
yeah I also cover, when I remember - but then I have a particularly crumbly plaster ceiling in that room...
I throw a clean towel over it to keep the dust and cathair out.
Stevie Ray
I use large, clear plastic refuse bags if I have nothing better to hand. You've got to keep the crap out the gear.

You might think it's clean but if you open a few synth cases you'll be amazed at the crud that lies within. Dead spiders and everything zombie
+1 simple cloth cover
Yeah I still get surprised about just how much dust is building up inside everything in the studio, not just the modular. Faders, keyboards, microphones, computers - it's everywhere, argh.
Since I spend my workdays in here nothing gets covered out of pure laziness but I go over things with a soft vacuum cleaner every once in a while.
A power amp full of fluffy dust could be a potential fire hazard I suppose, so I try to make sure it doesn't build up too much.
Old clean bedsheets over all my equipment and dust with a (clean!) soft paintbrush.
turin horsey
Nope, love staring at my rig (like I am right now), and have come up with patch ideas that I wouldn't have have if it were covered. I just use a paint brush to clean the dust off the faceplates, and compressed air for the inside of the case when I'm doing a big rearrangement. Never had any issues with dust affecting jacks.
All of my cases have lids; I do keep the lids on.
Cloth covers here, too.
kente on my wider skiff
baby skiff stays in closet till I need it
I use all those extra black synth manufacturer and band t-shirts from my closet to cover the open and horizontal surfaces, but don't bother with vertically oriented ones unless I'm traveling for a while, then all cases are closed, covered, and latched.

The completist in me likes covering my Dark Modular case with my Dark Modular t-shirt. :-)
ngarjuna wrote:
All of my cases have lids; I do keep the lids on.

Yup, lids here too.
i cover mine with linen that i clamp down to the top of my case with binder clips. that way, i can flip the linen up when i want to access the bleeps.
I hang pillow cases vertically down the front. Standard width is 20", which is perfect for 19" wide racks. Go standard, queen or king size depending on U heights and number of racks cool
I should start doing this. I have two Pittsburgh Move cases but never put the lids on them really. Would hate for things to start crackling because of the dust.
I just have large pieces of cloth that I use as dust covers over all my musical equipment when not in use. That stuff is expensive and worth taking care of!
I cover all my gear. My cat likes to lay on anything but what's intended to be used as a bed. Cables are her favorite as she like to "nest" in them.
Just me
The modular no. (It is vertical and dust doesn't settle on it. Everything else has custom covers. I also have an electrostatic precipitator to remove dust from the studio.
Yes - custom sized non-static vinyl dust covers. They look like grandmas living room, they do an excellent job. I have really nasty dry skin, so vacuuming, wiping, dusting is not enough. Plus it is usually 3-4 days between sessions, so I cover them up.

Also, I would never leave sliders exposed for even one night. They finally all work and I don't want top have any fail again.
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