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[LIMITED STOCK] L-1 Dual headphones amp.
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Author [LIMITED STOCK] L-1 Dual headphones amp.
New module from L-1.
Dual headphones amplifier.
With it you can to wiggle with a friend at night when everybody around sleeps.

- 8HP
- two independent CMOY phones amps.
- to minimize left-right crosstalk, both left channels are in one dual opamp, both right channels in another.
- two input jacks for each channel are multiplies fro using a signal further.
- I used OPA2604 but another dual opamps possible.
- 6.3mm jacks are Rean NYS-2343.
- dual potentiometres 50K log are available from Thonk.

The module is available assembled or DIY kit.

The kit includes: PCBs with installed SMDs, panels, connectors and standoffs.

Now I have for sale from test batch - 4 assembled and 5 kits. Write me who want. More - in one month.

Pricing: assembled module $165 + $10 shipping. Kit - $60 + $8 shipping. USD.

Needed parts:

L-1 Phones

2 - Dual 50K log potentiometer

4 - inline Thonkiconn 3.5mm jack

2 - small synth pointer knob

2 - Rean jack NYS-2343

2 - OPA2604

4 - 0.1 uF film capacitor 5mm lead spacing

2 - 10 Ohm resistor, or ferrite bead.

2 - 1N4004 or 1N4007 diode

2 - 22uF electrolyth capacitor 2.5mm lead spacing
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Music Tech DIY  
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