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Ray Wilson's MFOS and future plans with synthCube
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Author Ray Wilson's MFOS and future plans with synthCube
We had the honor of spending the day with the 'Maiden of MFOS" Debra Wilson, helping organize, inventory and pack the sizable inventory of pcbs, panels, parts etc that make up MFOS.

Ray was a gifted singer and we had the chance to enjoy a number of his recordings via CD and mp3 while working in the shop. It was remarkable being in the presence of his massive DIY synth, his hand-made instruments, literature, pictures etc. Debra was a gracious host and we heard many great stories about Ray.

We are pleased to say that we'll be managing MFOS for the foreseeable future under the agreement with Debra. More details to follow, but a few highlights for fans of MFOS:

-The MFOS website will be maintained and refreshed-- all of that content, humor, etc will continue to be available
-A memorial scholarship is being established in Ray's name
-Ray's pcbs, panels etc will be available to any synth store/website interested in carrying them. Currently, that list includes Soundtronics (UK), Modular Addict (US), Elby (AU) and synthCube (US). Others have expressed interest and have been invited to contact us to arrange stock. Under the agreement 100% of the retail price of the remaining pcb/panel inventory goes to Debra.
-When the existing inventory is depleted, new runs will be made so that stock is available for the forseeable future.
- We are working replicate all of the available items from the MFOS catalog, including kits, specialized parts, etc. The MFOS catalog will no longer accept orders, rather MFOS items will be fulfilled via synthCube and other sites/stores.
-Efforts will continue to find schools, museums or collectors who might be interested in the larger and smaller performance synths

Its going to take some time to get all of the physical inventory moved so please be patient as we work to get everything available as soon as practical.
More details will follow-- but feel free to contact us with any questions. We're proud and humbled to be extending Ray's work, legacy and brand.
Funny - way back in th day, I was obsessed with learning to build electronics. MFOS was one of the first synth sites I came across with DIY guides. I lost the bug for a long time so it's great to see the community really coming together now to make sure this great resource isn't lost. Thanks synth cube and Debra Wilson
Any pictures of his work place?
What wonderful news! Guinness ftw!
awesome. its great to hear that all that knowledge from MFOS will not be lost.
Clap Fantastic! I've certainly been enjoying the building process of my 10-step sequencer and mini synth.
good work - MFOS was the beginning for me & many friends. Glad this second phase is happening & godspeed to Debra.
wow..... thanx for the info. been wondering what was gonna happen since we lost him.

this is great news!! thumbs up love cool
So awesome - most of my 5U system is 5U and he inspired me to do my own things.
great news ! thank you for doing this,
It's been posted several times already, but...

*wow* This is awesome news! My first DIY synth is a MFOS (the one in my avatar pic), and, having read this news, it won't be the last MFOS DIY stuff I've built Guinness ftw! !
Stellar job! Excellent, a really good way of handling his legacy!
Thank you, we couldn't let his work die with him, it will forever be his legacy to the DIY sinth community.
This is great news - I'd wondered what would happen to Ray's legacy. Sounds like it's in safe hands.

Great work Synthcube!... Love the MFOS designs and plan on ordering a bunch soon!. thumbs up
This is wonderful and reassuring news.

I'm currently awaiting the delivery of some of Ray's quad timbre bank and phaser pcbs while getting a little concerned about the lack of news around the future of MFOS and upkeep of the site... such a great resource for SDIY novices or once dormant returnees like myself.

Only had a few email exchanges with Ray a few years ago but it clearly came across that I was dealing with a caring as well as a gifted individual.

Thanks Synthcube for doing this gracious arrangement with Debra Wilson.
Great news for wigglers, terrible news for their wallets and significant others. smile

But seriously, this is great news, especially for those of us who got into sdiy a little late. Thanks Synthcube
Great news I knew that this sort of thing had to happen and I'm glad it happened so quickly!!
Great news to hear his legacy will carry on. I'm sure loads of us in here got started with his projects or made use of his work at some point in their DIY world.
Nice to hear and touching. Good work!
Gives me more incentive to finish my MFOS synth

Very happy to see Ray's work and world continue. I will be building some of this stuff...
Thank you Synthcube!
Great news, thank you!
Glad to hear that Rays designs and ideas will live on! thumbs up for SynthCube
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