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Live monitoring
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Author Live monitoring
I'm doing my second modular gig in a few weeks. During the first gig I did my main issue was with the monitoring, it was a noisy cafe, small-ish PA and it was really difficult to get into it because of that.

The PA this time has better specs, but I'm worried relying on monitor wedges will lead to similar problems, as they're often bashed up / EQ'ed to death in small venues.

How do you deal with that? Take a bass amp, or in-ears (I'm using a small on-stage mixer)?
Interesting question, but I'm not clear on what your actual challenge is. Are you concerned about monitoring enough to really grok what you're doing on stage, or making sure it sounds right for the venue? Is it accuracy, or just plain volume and clarity you're after?
What my issue is is being able to hear myself enough that I am able to both feel/respond to the music produced (volume) and make sure the mix is right (accuracy).
Maybe the best option would be to set up in the audience.
Over the ear headphones for me with modular stuff has worked well, though I use in ears when drumming for the sound attenuation. The downside of those is that they sometimes work too well and you end up feeling a bit isolated from the room.
I play Techno in quite big clubs with large in-house sound systems and monitors, however I often have problems hearing myself properly, usually because the monitors are not good enough, or there's too much bass rumble behind the system.
Headphones are out of the question for me, i just cant get into the flow if I'm not hearing something like the audience is hearing, i just feel totally disconnected
In my techrider to the venue/promoter i always ask for; 'a high quality monitoring system with proper Bass speakers, set up left and right of the performance area at head height, no further than 1.5 metres away'
whether i get that or not depends on the professionalism of the venue crew /promoter.
Since i started putting 'IMPORTANT !!!! and everything in bold type, in my tech-rider, things have improved smile

How can anyone perform music if they cant hear what they are doing ?

Setting up in the audience is an option if you're doing ambient, drone etc.. type stuff.
We have Surgeon play at our event Freerotation every year doing chillout stuff and he sets up in the audience, not so easy with more dancey stuff, although we have built a small mobile stage that we wheel out into the middle of the dancefloor for one artist and it worked quite well.
Behringer makes a small personal monitor that is perfect for gigs like this. I used to have one, but it somehow got permanently "borrowed" by a friend.

Pretty flexible, too with multiple inputs and direct outs- and can be mounted on a mic stand.
Would help if I posted the link: ortable-Speakers/B205D/p/P0957
you could put stereo mic's in the room and monitor them through headphones.
gives you an audience perspective (room sound, P.A. issues)... especially if your going to be mixing yourself.

not a cheap/true way of listening, but an option.

(sorry, this is likely irrelevant at this point.... i didn't read the dates posted, too new to think)
I always carry a pair of active 12" powered speakers ( I use Mackie SRM-450). It avoids unnecessary stress to know that I will always have adequate monitors. Using the same monitor rig every time gives me confidence that the mix I am sending to the mains is as it should be because I am familiar and practiced on these monitors.
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