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Sahko & Mika Vainio / Philus / Ø
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Author Sahko & Mika Vainio / Philus / Ø
Any fans?

I have back tracked through most of his catalogue in the last year. I was hooked after listening to Hawtin sets as he drops Ø's tracks all the time. I also was amazed by pan sonic. Mika's catalogue is so captivating, highly recommended to all modular heads.

really dig the new Ø and last year's Pan Sonic - Katodivaihe was one of my favorites of the year.

i really need to get/build some tube gear.
Huge fan here. One of my top favorite artists of all time. Really inspiring analogue minimalism, at its best. I'm always trying to find more of his back catalog.

I'm still waiting for Olenta and Oleva to ship from Ear Rational. I guess they had to be ordered from overseas.
Oh yeah, I remember listening to philus and other sähkö things (hertz, or kohina or something like that, cant remember) mayby 15 years ago, one of the first electronic music that I heard. I know we digged it with friends alot at that time but don`t even remember what it sounds like nowadays, woould like to hear.
Yeah, Philus is a great one!
You can listen to previews on this site:
this was even more minimal than I remembered smile
on the late

great label
just love that minimal noisy phunk stuff
i have like the 8 or so first vinyl releases and just think of them as some classics !

altrougth not the same i use to love mixes of this with early bunker / unit moebius stuff ...
i got Oleva in the post yesterday!
I can remember the times that those guys (Väisänen, Vainio, Routamaa etc.) did bring the whole electronic scene to Finland at very early 1990's. I did buy everything they released back then. I still have about ten of their early recordings from the 90's. Absolut classics. They used a lot of DIY stuff.

Because of this post I listened all Pan(a)sonic records I have and decided to get all I'm missing. My ASys modules are postponed for a extra month hihi
Raster Norton has been going off lately
Xerox Vol2 is a stunning release
Might be time to start an Alva Noto Thread
Just saw these two on Matrixsynth:

Alva Noto

har har
i headed over to to check all this talk out and am enjoying pan sonic radio a lot

although some of it ive found is too minimal for my listening environment atm. ill have to tune in in a quieter/music louder environment.
I love the raw current sound Pan Sonic has, and the cello on the last album was fantastic.
Any yays/nays for the Angel project?
A slight yay on the Angel project.

But, you really can't go wrong with Hildur Gudnadottir.

And it took me a while, but Pan Sonic (Mika Vainio / Ø) is really all that I've been listening to lately. I'm just stunned by Katodivaihe.
I had the pleasure of acting as interpreter for Keiji Haino at two recent gigs of him with Ilpo Vaisanen & Mika Vainio in Germany.

I'm not a fan, so this might be old hat to you… but here are some pics of their rig (i hope it's ok to post these):

The big green one was made out of a typewriter and sounds awsome.

i like vianio his stuff
but could dig a bit deeper on all the rest

love keijni haino
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