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Tube Rolling R-56?
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Author Tube Rolling R-56?
Carl Hungus
Question for Eric, or other knowledgable tube folk.

My R-56's noise floor has gotten substantially noisier since I bought it new a couple years ago. Sadly less usable as a result (I have quite a bit of Eric's stuff, so am ok with the usual noise floors)

I had success rolling new tubes into my R-51 (the version that allows this).
Just wondering if I can try a new tube type for the R-56 for fun, or at least as an attempt to see if that's were the noise is coming from.
Otherwise, what tubes are they for a like for like swap?

Carl Hungus
Eric, anyone?
It uses 12CT8s. The only other types you can use are the very rare types 7060 and 7258. It will accept 6AN8s but you will have to rewire the tube heater connections so they get 5-6 volts apiece. There are other triode-pentodes that will work but they all have very different pinouts and major board surgery is needed.

Before you ask: all 12CT8s, and all these variations, were manufactured by GE exclusively. There are no different "brands" that might sound different. Sorry.
I know noone will believe me, but try to exchange one tube with the other. Maybe they just needed a better connection on my R56, so the swap wasn't necessary. But the result was like love
Maybe the noise floor is due to the springs becoming worn out? (adding residual reverberation)

My R-56 -COMPLETELY- transformed itself with the addition of an Accutronics 9EB2C1B tank. Used in tandem with the small blue box one, all the controls became extremely nuanced and nicely attenuated. If you disconnect the blue box, the gain stage of the 9EB2C1B drops considerably, too, which might remove the ground noise. Worth a try for $25, at least.

Do you hear noise with wet and feedback dialed all the way to zero?
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