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MFB MIDI/CV Power Supply
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Author MFB MIDI/CV Power Supply
Because I couldn't find much info from users, I thought I would share my little MFB 'adventure' with the forum.

Basically the only info I could find was the MFB website;

MFB - MIDI/CV-Netzteil

& even that doesn't really have many tech details, so I contacted Manfred @ MFB & bugged him with loads of dumb questions for about a week before deciding to just 'suck it & see'

First off was abit of a shock, the connector for the PSU (wallwart) is mounted on the back of the PCB - at right angles to the direction of the midi input confused Ok, the little instruction booklet that came with it describes the setup with the MFB racks, with power connector facing the back & midi facing up... bit wierd but ok I guess, except my elby rack doesn't have a rear rail.

So I got a piece of plastic (cheap tupperware lunch box lid) to fool around with ways of mounting the pcb, after buggering up a few times this became my template for the holes I'd need on the back panel of the rack.

I still messed up the centre hole d'oh! but not massivly, just went up a few drill bit sizes & used a plastic washer to hide the hole. Another plastic washer got 'reemed' out so that it would fit over the power connector & hide that hole.

& Bob's your mothers brother 8)

Heres the view from the top, so basically you end up with the midi cable sticking out the top, meh;

From the front;

w/ the Plan B Model 15;

& with the rest of the crew;

One thing I noticed when I first hooked up the MIDI out of my S-50 I was getting 'hung' notes - just running the gate into the DSC, which would require power cycling the MFB. Since I've been feeding it MIDI from the MPC it hasn't happened at all, tbh the S-50 is pretty old & does send out some junk sometimes, but still, I think the MFB prefers 'clean' MIDI.

So For 250 Au$$ie I got a rack+PSU+MIDI/CV which, with my very, very limited DIY skills, I'm pretty happy with. Now to fill it! hyper

Here's the patch its playing in the pic, Seq'd from the MPC - just test tone esque, going up the octave in 5ths with some modulation data inserted in step edit. VC Squarewave Wobble!!! w00t

Wobble Bass
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