MFB MIDI/CV Power Supply

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MFB MIDI/CV Power Supply

Post by DGTom » Sat Sep 20, 2008 4:02 am

Because I couldn't find much info from users, I thought I would share my little MFB 'adventure' with the forum.

Basically the only info I could find was the MFB website;

MFB - MIDI/CV-Netzteil

& even that doesn't really have many tech details, so I contacted Manfred @ MFB & bugged him with loads of dumb questions for about a week before deciding to just 'suck it & see'

First off was abit of a shock, the connector for the PSU (wallwart) is mounted on the back of the PCB - at right angles to the direction of the midi input :confused: Ok, the little instruction booklet that came with it describes the setup with the MFB racks, with power connector facing the back & midi facing up... bit wierd but ok I guess, except my elby rack doesn't have a rear rail.

So I got a piece of plastic (cheap tupperware lunch box lid) to fool around with ways of mounting the pcb, after buggering up a few times this became my template for the holes I'd need on the back panel of the rack.


I still messed up the centre hole :doh: but not massivly, just went up a few drill bit sizes & used a plastic washer to hide the hole. Another plastic washer got 'reemed' out so that it would fit over the power connector & hide that hole.


& Bob's your mothers brother 8)


Heres the view from the top, so basically you end up with the midi cable sticking out the top, meh;


From the front;


w/ the Plan B Model 15;


& with the rest of the crew;


One thing I noticed when I first hooked up the MIDI out of my S-50 I was getting 'hung' notes - just running the gate into the DSC, which would require power cycling the MFB. Since I've been feeding it MIDI from the MPC it hasn't happened at all, tbh the S-50 is pretty old & does send out some junk sometimes, but still, I think the MFB prefers 'clean' MIDI.

So For 250 Au$$ie I got a rack+PSU+MIDI/CV which, with my very, very limited DIY skills, I'm pretty happy with. Now to fill it! :hyper:

Here's the patch its playing in the pic, Seq'd from the MPC - just test tone esque, going up the octave in 5ths with some modulation data inserted in step edit. VC Squarewave Wobble!!! :party:

Wobble Bass

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