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Oakley 5U modules and stand-alone projects parts lists
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Author Oakley 5U modules and stand-alone projects parts lists
This is my latest parts list, a significant update since January when I first posted a parts list spreadsheet. This now contains all 5U modules with the exception of the Dual-LFO and Discrete Ladder Filter which I haven't built. All stand-alone projects are also included with the exception of the DN-34.

For each module/project all parts, quantities, suppliers and part numbers are provided, there is also pricing information, however as this changes all the time (and is a lot higher at the moment than the beginning of the year) it can only provide ball-park estimates and doesn't include V.A.T where charged.

Suppliers are based in the UK and Germany. Where I have changed suppliers during the last 12 months I haven't necessarily gone back and edited changes retrospectively so some parts e.g Moog Style Knobs have several suppliers listed that I have used.

Anyone familiar with Excel will be able to use this to help generate order sheets etc, all the raw data is on sheet 1, there is a Pivot Table on sheet 2 for filtering and grouping data.

Obviously the data is based on my choice of suppliers but it's easy enough to make global edits for specific line items if you want. I've noticed that Rapid have recently introduced minimum order quantities on a number of items that were previously available in singles.

You will need Excel 2007 or above.
That's great work, thanks for sharing Guinness ftw!
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