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Modular touring artists need help!
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Author Modular touring artists need help!
Hey y'all, I've already reached out to some folks on here. I'm in a project called Squelcher that's gearing up to go on tour. We're going up through Canada, down through the Midwest and up the east coast. We've got some dates nailed down, but are still looking for solid dates on a few of them (particularly midwest and PA). We set up this site with all of our info:

We've got two awesome shows solidified in Ontario for you Ontarian's out there. Playing with Muff Wiggler in Ottawa! Come out if you're in the area!

We're DIYing this, and it's getting down to crunch time, so any PM's, even if they're just of potential maybe contacts would be so appreciated. We're not looking to make money, we'd be happy to break even. Just wanna get our music out there and maybe get our soon to be released LP into some ears!

If this is SPAM'y or in the wrong section of the forum my apologies.
Just sent y'all an email. See you soon!
Soy Sos
Who are you talking to in Pittsburgh?
I'll see if I can look into it and maybe get a little
extra momentum here.
This thread has already been super helpful, was debating making it in the first place. Glad I did, thanks!!
Nice, just noticed "PITTSBURH"

Sorry to be that guy but we're still searching for montreal, philly and nyc

if anyone has any ideas we will buy you ice cream when we come to your town

and other desserts

many desserts
Soy Sos
So where are you playing in "PITTSBURH" ?
haha, ya, saw that and fixed it on the site, but screen shot preserves my herf


We're talking to the folks at PITTSBURH modular for the monthly synth night, not 100% it will work out but here's to hoping!
confirmed for the monthly modular synth playground in Pittsburgh

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