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Tubbutec for Kenton modded Juno 60
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Author Tubbutec for Kenton modded Juno 60
Dear Tobias,
I’m nearly ready to start buying all the things.
First cab off the rank is my juno60 which has the Kenton MIDI mod installed. I expect there’s not much reason to keep the Kenton mod other than for MIDI thru. Presumably this could be implemented easily enough with a buffer and some resistors (IANAEE). I guess it could even be implemented inline/rats nest style with the Kenton MIDI sockets already installed.

My main question is whether you have come across any Kenton modded juno60’s – are there any caveats to consider in Tubbutec installation?

Your products are amazing!
With thanks.

yes, if you want to add a midi through socket, you need to install an additional buffer and two resistors.

Have a look at this drawing, which I stole from [1]:

Here two inverters are used instead of a buffer. The input of the buffer/inverters are connected to the output pin of the optocoupler. In Case of the Juno-66, this is Pin 5 of the CNY-17 on the underside of the board. The part is pretty large (2.54mm pitch), so soldering a wire to it should be relatively simple.

I have not come accross a Kenton install so far, but I am assuming you can remove it and have the Juno back in the original condition. This means installing the Juno-66 is not a problem.
If you are unsure, post some pictures here (Kenton do not publish installation manuals, so it is impossible to tell if modifications were performed during the installation.

Thanks Tobias!
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