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Yamaha DXR8 as live stereo monitors?
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Author Yamaha DXR8 as live stereo monitors?

I've seen a few threads about this, but the situation changes constantly with new products being released.

I'm struggling to find a monitoring system for modular synths that will give me stereo, hifi-ish sound at reasonable levels, robust yet portable. Currently I have one Mackie SRM350 (loud but boxy) and one Roland CM-30, (quiet, middle-y), which is clearly not ideal! Or stereo.

Has anyone tried a pair of Yamaha DXR or DBR series, particularly the 8's? Then there's Behringer B208D, and more expensive EVZA-1, QSC K8, Obviously these would all benefit from a sub but I'm talking about my own levels here, if it's a big venue they'll have their own PA. I just need to distinguish the racket I'm making from the racket my partner is making a few feet away.
if you're looking for more hi-fi than loud, i think Fender has some product in conjunction with Focal that they're billing as a 'portable studio monitor' . might be worth looking into, it looks handy for meetups & events and such maybe moreso than stage monitoring, though i'm sure it would do that too 0IA8UO6Y
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