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erica synths pico INPUT: thoughts on sound quality?
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Author erica synths pico INPUT: thoughts on sound quality?
Red's Garden
hello. I've lurked on discussions of the a-119 module by doepfer where people were saying it lacks quality sound. I've been looking around for an affordable alternative that is similarly flexible (particularly for guitar & line-level synths.) does anyone who has the pico INPUT by erica synths care to talk about how it sounds /or how it compares to doepfer's option?
I had the same question earlier this month and noticed a forum member who was using it, and sent them a private message. Here is the response I got:

"It certainly beats an Animodule Line_Amp in every regard. I'll eventually need to pick up a second one to bring in both my black TVSP and Sequential P6.

Sonic quality is there, but such a thing can be subjective in terms of whether you audibly perceive "quality" in the same fashion that I do. "

I would definitely appreciate if more users chimed in but I doubt a lot of people have it given how relatively new the module is.
I'm sort of interested in this module too. Does anyone know if it's DC coupled?
I have been using -The Harvestman-Black Locust as a send and return to effects pedals.
Specifically to an Ibanez ES2.
This module will also act as a Guitar, or other instrument input with onboard level controls.
To me the sound quality is good with the ES2, but as was stated "but such a thing can be subjective"

Just thought I would throw that out there.
It would have made this primo if it were dc coupled. Maybe a hint to Erica
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