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trouble in spring reverb land: HELP
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Author trouble in spring reverb land: HELP
help i've had some bad luck with my vanamps solemate springverb pedal recently. the signal goes through but stays in bypass even when engaged.

so zero reverb at any setting. any ideas about how to fix this before i rip it apart and make things better/worse? help
Muff Wiggler
perhaps that engage switch is broken?

i'd say take it apart!! get your multimeter and have a poke around

should be fairly simple in there
I 2nd Muff's long-distance diagnosis. Stomp switches take a beating and, often, the internal switching contact can jump the rails. Open the switch (SLOWLY) and be prepared to avoid shit falling out. It is most likely a simple fix.

If it is using electronic switching it all gets much more complicated.
I'd agree that stomp switches take a beating -- they're absolutely the most common point of failure on stomps.
But, I'd recommend (after testing that it is indeed the switch) to replace rather than trying to open & repair the actual switch. Probably it will be quicker and easier and much more reliable in the long-run to replace.

Have you opened it up and examined? Always worth having a check to see that nothing is disconnected.

Also, do you have an oscilloscope 'cos if so you could probably have a poke around to see if sounds are passing to/from the spring-tank.

Good luck with it!
i opened it up and all connections seem fine. there are a few pcb's inside and the switch is wired to them and the jack.

my stupid effin DMM isn't working in short mode it's just wailing out a long tone signifying a short before i even touch the leads to anything.

i'm gonna finally pull the trigger and get a better DMM within the next couple days.

but just by eyeing things out i can't even begin to know what's wrong.

thoughts? i'm gonna hit up Vanamps and see what they have to say.
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