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Mutant Clap cutting out in weird way...
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Author Mutant Clap cutting out in weird way...
Hello all,

Just finished a Mutant Clap build and got a strange problem which has caused me hours of pain today. I was sending a trigger and listening to the output without anything much else going on. All of a sudden it started dropping out - no audio, but lights still on, trigger LED still flashing when it should.

After a lot of messing round I noticed that when the audio drops like this, if I turn up the Sustain and Ext pots, I can hear noise (as in, the noise section of the module) - so it almost seems as though the envelope / triggering is what's faulty.

To better illustrate what I mean, I made a recording - the drop happens at 26 seconds, then you hear me bring the noise in with the Sustain knob, flicking the reverb switch etc. Then the envelope kicks back into life - so strange.

I haven't screwed the panels together and I've noticed while I'm holding it, by messing about with the panels (i.e. squeezing them together tightly / relieving the pressure on them a bit), I can influence the dropping out of audio, but not with any degree of consistency (could be my imagination that I'm influencing it at all).

I have no idea how to troubleshoot this and am hoping someone can help!

Recording of the problem
I replaced a power header I suspected might be at fault, now I can't get the clap to trigger at all, but everything still lights up properly, including the trigger LED, and I still get that noise output with filtering working.

Think this may be a lost cause.

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