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Open Hihat not triggering/working
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Author Open Hihat not triggering/working
Hi all,

The closed hihat on my mutant hihats works fine, the open hihat doesn't work. The trigger LED doesnt light up, so the problem might be just in the beginning on the circuit. The socket is soldered on properly, as well the LED. So I'm guessing it's somewhere further down the line.

I've build this one and other mutant drums already successfully, so I'm pretty sure parts are all correct. It might be a busted chip... Or maybe someone here has a good idea of what I could check. Not sure which chips are related to the open hihat...

Any first ideas?

I probably found the problem, a 2.2ohm resistor instead of a 22M resistor....

Sorry for not searching properly through the forum, missed the second page of the hexinverter forum where there was someone else with an exact same issue

very frustrating
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